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Understanding System Hydraulics


The objective of this one-day course is to understand how a distribution or collection systems works, a basic understanding of Hydraulics is essential. This course will allow operators to better understand how water moves through pipes. How pressure, size, and biofilm can affect system operations. It contains information on potential and kinetic energy within these systems, and how the amount of energy at any point can be determined and how we use that energy to distribute water. Students will also have a clear understanding of simple math calculations as they relate to day-to-day operations.

What will be covered:

  • How is pressure created in a water system?
  • Pressure and its effect on flow in service pipes
  • Flow and its effect on pressure in pipes
  • Pressure as it relates to backflow and backsiphonage
  • Restoring diminished flows

Duration: 1 Day                      

Available Dates: May 30-31 AM via Webinar


0.7 (7 Hours) in Ontario, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and New York.

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